Today I was out and about at a local fabric store and picked up some new fabric for a maternity clothing drape my mom will be sewing together!  I am so excited about this!  After photographing many pregnant women, there is a wide range of what these women feel comfortable showing.  This new sheer drape will allow women to show off their beautiful pregnant shape, while not revealing their bare belly.  More details to come!  And stay tuned, a new promotion is about to begin!

This week, again I will provide a quick tip to keep in mind when framing your subject/portraits!

As a general rule of thumb, try to keep the eyes above the center line of the photo.

Posted by: ndpellegrino | February 27, 2010

Mom + Dad + Babies = 4! |PA Maternity Photographer


Yes, this happy couple is expecting…twins!  So much fun working with them this morning and I wish them all the best in their delivery!  I was excited to try something I have had in mind for a few days – the windy mama image!  For the first time, it turned out pretty well!   Here is a sneak peek from their session!  Enjoy!

Posted by: ndpellegrino | February 23, 2010

Freshly Pressed | Hagerstown baby photographer

Ran across this title from the wordpress area and thought it applied!  What is more fresh than a newborn – nothing compares to that fresh baby smell – and no – I’m not talking about the dirty diapers!  Even at 4 weeks, this little one was so easy to work with!  I was a little concerned doing a newborn session so late but the snow did a number on trying to get them here at the 2 week and below age! 

My dad always asks – why are all your babies sleeping in photographs!  Well, dad – here you go – an awake baby!  At least for half the session until I got them nice and sleepy!  I prefer to photograph the newborns in the their “sleepy stage” for several reasons – but mostly because at this age, when they are awake, their arms are more likely to move in jerky movements, their eyes often go cross-eyed as they are not able to focus yet and it allows me to put them in some of the positions reminiscent of how they were in the womb!  Besides, who can resist a sleeping baby??!!!

So here is a sneak peek from my latest newborn session 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone! 

When taking pictures and in an environment where you have to use flash, do you ever take the image, think you have the shot and then develop it only to have your subjects eyes covered up by nasty eye-glass flare?  If so, this tip is for you!

Tip 2:  If your subject doesn’t wear glasses all the time, kindly ask them to remove them for the picture.  If they do wear them all the time, it is part of who they are so keep them on but – tilt your suject’s head down or away a bit to reduce the reflection.  Also, you can try to tilt just the glasses down a bit.

I am currently writing an article for the tri-state Child Guide Magazine on how take better pictures of your children (to be published in an upcoming edition).  I have been honored to have my portrait art featured on the cover of this magazine a few times over the past few months and it has been so much fun working with the families in the Hagerstown, Winchester, VA and  Chambersburg areas!  As I have been writing this article, I have been also thinking about starting a new area on my blog – Snips Tips – where I will highlight some simple yet important actions you can take to improve your family images.  Photographing your family events are important and if a professional photographer isn’t in the mix, I want you to be able take and have great pictures!  I will be offering one tip a week so check back often to see what has been added! (Each post will be under the Snips Tips category.) 

So here we go – tip #1

When photographing children, get down on their level and shoot at the child’s eye level.  And, when framing them, be sure not to cut off any limbs in the image.

Posted by: ndpellegrino | February 9, 2010

Before and After |newborn photography

In between the blizzards hitting our area and playing in the fresh powder, I am having fun editing a recent newborn session.  Thought readers would be interested in seeing a before and after comparrison of what comes out of the camera vs. after processing in photoshop.  I work to get the image the best I can in camera, and then use photoshop to enhance (but never recreate!) the image.  This is all the behind the scenes work that a customer never sees but appreciates in their preview session 🙂 The color one is the straight from camera.

Posted by: ndpellegrino | February 7, 2010

Baby Kenlee | Hagerstown newborns

Welcome baby Kenlee!  This session rocked!  We were in and out in 2.5 hours as she moved easily between setups!  Mom and dad were a big help too!  Can’t think of a better way to spend superbowl sunday!  And dad even made it home in plenty of time to catch the game and maybe even some zzzz’s beforehand!  Here is a sneak peek of some of my favorites from this session!

Posted by: ndpellegrino | January 31, 2010

Redecorating! | MD Natural-light photography studio

My lab finally had a sale on their new canvas float wraps – which I LOVE by the way!  So, what a better time than to redecorate the studio walls?  Here are some images on my boutique home studio.

Posted by: ndpellegrino | January 31, 2010

All u need is love | hagerstown child photographer

Meet Haeden!  Full of energy, full of smiles, full of life!  I had a fun time photographing this little guy who was constantly on the move!  What else can you expect from a 19 month old boy!  I have been there twice with my own so I am well prepared!  Here is a sneak peek from his session; I’ve even included a few “behind the scenes pictures” – those that aren’t quite perfect but cute nonetheless.

Are you kidding me with this hat?


This is one of those images that no, it is not in perfect focus (given my wide open lens and split second to capture this) but it truely shows what fun we have during a photo shoot.  Everything is always relaxed, and that makes for some great pictures!

A fun storyboard!

And, finally a sample Valentine’s Day card!  How cute would it be to hand these out to your friends and family?

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