Posted by: ndpellegrino | March 28, 2023

Hello Spring | Chambersburg newborn photos

Who is ready for the nice spring weather? This newborn baby girl sure was happy to be surrounded by fresh spring daffodils in here newborn photography session at Snips and Snails Photography! Newborn smiles during a photo session are usually luck, but you can follow a few of their cues and sometimes predict when one might occur! Sometimes, they roll their eyes when they are dreaming and their mouth will quiver a bit and then BANG! a big smile! The real trick is getting it in focus, especially when you shoot with camera settings to achieve that creamy, blurry background!

We broke out all the spring colors – yellow, pinks, soft teals and lavender! While yellow is not a top choice for parents when they choose their newborn session colors, I sometimes sneak it in and it is a big hit! Often parents choose their personal favorite colors but the color doesn’t really complement the babies underlying skin tones. In fashion and makeup, a person’s skin tone, eye color, and hair color are used to determine whether they are a “winter,” “summer,” “fall,” or “spring.” This system, known as seasonal color analysis, helps individuals identify the most flattering colors for their clothing, accessories, and makeup.

Winter: People with a winter color palette typically have cool undertones in their skin, dark or bright eyes, and dark hair. Their skin has a blue or pinkish undertone, and they tend to look best in cool, deep, and vibrant colors, such as black, navy, bright red, and jewel tones.

Summer: People with a summer color palette usually have cool undertones in their skin, light eyes, and light to medium hair with ashy or cool undertones. They look best in soft, muted, and cool colors, such as lavender, pale pink, and pastels.

Fall: People with a fall color palette typically have warm undertones in their skin, dark or warm eyes, and dark hair with reddish or golden highlights. Their skin has a yellow or peachy undertone, and they look best in warm, earthy, and rich colors, such as olive green, burnt orange, and rust.

Spring: People with a spring color palette usually have warm undertones in their skin, light or bright eyes, and light to medium hair with golden or warm undertones. They look best in warm and bright colors, such as coral, peach, and light blue.

I recommend parents look over these “seasons” and choose colors to best compliment their baby’s features (as well as their own for family and sibling newborn sessions!)

Here are a few more images from this beautiful newborn session in my studio!

Chambersburg newborn photography on peach blanket in newborn studio session.
Chambersburg newborn photography

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