Posted by: ndpellegrino | February 23, 2023

Chambersburg Newborn Photographer | Wrapped newborn photography sessions

What is a wrapped newborn photography session? In my studio, it is the most basic newborn session I offer and I call it the “hello world session.” It is very popular for parents looking for just a few simple swaddled images to remember their precious newborn baby without a large expense. One of the most common questions I receive is, what is included in a wrapped newborn session? Here is a recent session that shows exactly what that type of newborn photography session looks like in my studio.

First, a big more details about these type of sessions….

An all wrapped newborn photography session typically involves posing and photographing a newborn baby while they are swaddled or wrapped in a variety of different fabrics and materials. This style of newborn photography is popular because it allows for the focus to be on the baby’s features, rather than on their clothing or props. Parents choose one-three colors to be incorporated throughout the session.

During the session, I will usually start by preparing a warm and cozy space for the baby to rest, such as a soft blanket or a specially designed newborn posing pillow. I then carefully wrap the baby in a variety of different fabrics, including soft blankets, wraps, and swaddles. I often also start swaddling baby right away on my lap if they are fully relaxed and ready to go!

Once wrapped or swaddled, babies can be posed in such positions as lying on their back, curled up on their side, or nestled in a prop like a basket or a bucket. Lighting and backgrounds are also setup to facilitate a soft, dreamy atmosphere that emphasizes the baby’s delicate features. For me, this is done in camera, not post processing and can not be removed.

Throughout the session, my main priority is to keep the baby calm and comfortable, and take breaks as needed for feeding, diaper changes, or other needs. The resulting photographs will showcase the baby’s sweet expressions, tiny fingers and toes, and other details that make newborns so special. Remember these features fade quickly so contact the studio to schedule your newborn session today! Recommended up to 3 weeks of age from birth!



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