Posted by: ndpellegrino | May 5, 2010

Pictures have been taken, now how should I display them? |Hagerstown, MD and Chambersburg newborn photographer

You have spent countless hours (and often money too) getting ready for this – everything from getting haircuts to new outfits to discussions on how the children will behave.  For what?  The best images of your family of course!  After so much is invested in your portrait, why not invest as much time in determining the optimal way to display them?  Sure, this type of planning is part of the benefit of viewing your images in a scheduled presentation but here is a few combinations to get you thinking before you even step foot in the studio.  After all, why not think about what you will do with all those great images – it definitely should impact all the other planning (i.e., outfits, who is in the images, etc.) that goes into your portrait session.

Here are 4 easy ways to decorate a wall in your home or office – using either gallery wrap stretched canvas art, standout mountings or frames! 

Wow…doesn’t art displayed like this make all that pre-planning work worth it!


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