Posted by: ndpellegrino | April 10, 2010

Beautiful Babies & Processing |Hagerstown Newborn Baby Photographer

TGIF!!!  A busy past few days but looking forward to a relaxing weekend with my family…ahhh the calm before the storm!  I have had the most beautiful babies come visit me lately.  Here are some sneak peeks from recent sessions…and read on for a rare behind the scenes look at a before (straight out of camera) and after image!

And here is a behind the scenes look.  A photographer always strives to “get it right” in camera.  BUT, with today’s technology there is so much opportunity to take a great image and make it a piece of art!  This next image is a perfect example!  Notice the color pop, texture, skin tone that is on the “after image”.  This is only a part of what goes into the post processing phase of digital photography.  I do not apply these types of processing to all of my images – you can OVER process.  But when I feel it will enhance an image, I go for it and love to create!  So glad photoshop enables me to create what I envision because my ability to draw or paint are severely limited!  Glad my kids take after my husband in this area!


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