Posted by: ndpellegrino | January 31, 2010

All u need is love | hagerstown child photographer

Meet Haeden!  Full of energy, full of smiles, full of life!  I had a fun time photographing this little guy who was constantly on the move!  What else can you expect from a 19 month old boy!  I have been there twice with my own so I am well prepared!  Here is a sneak peek from his session; I’ve even included a few “behind the scenes pictures” – those that aren’t quite perfect but cute nonetheless.

Are you kidding me with this hat?


This is one of those images that no, it is not in perfect focus (given my wide open lens and split second to capture this) but it truely shows what fun we have during a photo shoot.  Everything is always relaxed, and that makes for some great pictures!

A fun storyboard!

And, finally a sample Valentine’s Day card!  How cute would it be to hand these out to your friends and family?


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