Posted by: ndpellegrino | October 2, 2009

Newborn bliss

newborn wrap

It has been one week since I had the amazing opportunity to learn newborn posing from the talented Kelley Ryden (see her sister on the Today show in my former blog post!)  It was great meeting other photographers from around the country as well…I know my friends get tired of my “photog talk” so it was great to be on the same wavelength!  I am anxious to incorporate her style into my own artistic vision for newborn photography.  Newborn photography has always been my passion and I am axious to have defined this as my studio’s niche.  So, here are some of my prized images from this workshop!  All of our models were approximately 2 weeks of age. 



  1. Looking good… all of these look great!! It was a pleasure meeting you and looking forward to seeing your newborn work grow!

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