Posted by: ndpellegrino | August 9, 2009

Pretty in “BLUE”!

IMG_5875texturewebsmile w texture

toddler smile no texture

Such a fun but oh so serious session this morning!  We sure put on a song and dance to try to get some smiles but she was not having it!  As a photographer, I have learned that one quality you MUST possess is the ability to be very uninhibited in your actions!  Anything for a smile, right!  While I love those adoring serious looks, it is always the smile that seems to make the image for the parents!  So here is the serious one and then the smile, both before and after applying my new textures!  As for the title, I have this pettiskirt in pink and blue and out of all the girls I have photographed, all parents have chosen the pink, UNTIL today!  yeah!  Love this color on her!

IMG_5875 web


These are two of my favorites from my session!  Love my new antique trunk!

toddler with antique trunk

toddler image crawl with trunk


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