Posted by: ndpellegrino | April 27, 2009

Cover shoot coming up and new website music!

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, Nicole has been busy fullfilling orders to keep mom happy because as the saying goes, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” 

I am very excited about being chosen to shoot an upcoming cover for the local tri-state Child Magazine.  This publication highlights all things related to children and is found about town in schools, doctor’s offices, and various tourist locations!

I will again be providing mini portrait study sessions at the Hagerstown Ice Arena for their Spring Fun in the Sun show!  Come out and support our local skaters on 13 June!

Love the new music on my website?  Putting some of Sam Puc’s recommendations into action, I went on the lookout for some new tunes and fell in love with this song by Tony Carter.  Maybe it is because Mother’s Day is fast approaching and I am a little teary eyed watching my own little ones grow, but when I first heard it my whole family wondered why I was crying!!!  Hope you enjoy it too!

And…finally, here is one of my favorite images from the past few weeks.  This gentleman (or should I say Indiana Jones) was having a blast getting all the snakes out of my path so I could capture his picture! 

Little Mr. Jones


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