Posted by: ndpellegrino | March 16, 2009

New props arriving daily!

img_9055adjMuch to my husband’s dismay, I have been on a shopping spree lately for some new items for the studio!  I especially love vintage and hand knit items so these have been arriving daily.  I can’t wait to use the new hand knit cocoon and hand knit rabbit ears hat for my next newborn!  If anyone has the ability to knit without a pattern but rather from my thought up notions, please contact me!  I am always looking for new suppliers!   I am even signing up to learn how to knit myself!  Be on the lookout for my new antique items to show up in my images in the near future!

As for now, these pictures were from my 6 month session with baby k.  He was full of smiles this time and could sit but not crawl away.  A photographers dream!  As one of my photographer friends says, we should take pity on those that can’t escape the camera – especially if they are our own children!  Lucky for them, mine can not only craw but run from the camera!  Below baby K is one I managed to grab of my oldest son right before my client’s session.  I especially love that I was able to shoot 99% of the session in natural light!





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